Steps on Getting Rid of Bedbugs

The bed bugs in your home are 5mm in size that’s why it is difficult to find them when they are lurking around. Bed bugs are small but tough, quick and smart. They can live undetected for months and each female can lay up to 500 eggs. 

Knowing these, you might become intimidated by their mere existence. However, there is good news! Here are steps to get rid of the bed bugs that are lurking in your home.  


  1. Identify areas of infestation 

Bed bug infestation does not necessarily spread throughout your home right away. Through detecting their existence before any further reproduction, it is easier to handle getting rid of them. In looking for the bed bugs in your home, two ways are involved. Either you go looking for them yourself or have a professional do it for you. Some experts even have dogs with them to help them locate the bed bugs in your home.  


In general, bed bugs are hard to locate because of their size thus they can fit in tiny areas like your couch or your mattress. So, if ever you go looking for the bed bugs yourself, you can start by the couch and your mattress in your bedroom.  


Having a hard time looking for bed bugs? Look for signs like droppings that bed bug leave behind. These are dark spots that can be found anywhere in your couch and your mattress if any bed bugs are living there.  


  1. Containment 

Another way to avoid the infestation from spreading throughout your home is containment. Since you already know the favorite places where bed bugs lounge, go vacuum your couch or your mattress in a repetitive manner. Also include your carpet in the process as it can also be a home for bed bugs. Wash your linens and heat them up as you dry them to ensure that the bed bugs die in the process.  


  1. Prepare for treatment 

Before getting into chemical solutions that will help in eliminating the bed bugs in your home, prepare through cleaning your carpets, couch, mattress and other fabrics that are found in your home that bed bugs might possibly lurk in. More than that, do an extra clean at home so that any nook and cranny bed bugs can dwell in is eliminated.  


  1. Get rid of the bed bugs 

There are various treatments that will help in eliminating the bed bugs in your home. Both chemical and non-chemical treatments work effectively however both methods vary in how many times the method should be repeated. If you want to get rid of bed bugs through chemical treatment options, you can start with pyrethins. This is a chemical treatment that helps in eliminating bed bugs however since chemical treatments often need repetition to work more fully, the problem on bed bugs building resistance to the chemical arises. 


Another way is through a non-chemical method but more focused on a temperature approach. Since bed bugs cannot handle much heat, an exposure to high temperature can aid in getting rid of them. Heat treatment offered by is a great option to help in making sure bed bugs are out in a an instant. Connect with them today and know more of the details in how you can get rid of the bed bugs lurking in your bed.   Contact a quality Bed Bug Removal Exterminator such as  PestBusters The Bed Bug Company to complete the task that you need.